30th Anniversary Party Poster!

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Our 30th Anniversary Party with Part Time Punks on November 7th at the Echoplex was one for the ages! Nine legendary bands on one bill! Were you lucky enough to witness history? Yes or no, you can still get the official commemorative poster right here and now. Printed on poster board with a matte finish, this four-color beauty measures 17 1/4" by 12 1/4". We'll ship them to you in a squash-proof tube. Suitable for framing!

Buy one and it's $5. Add another and it's only $1 more. If you'd like to purchase more than five, please send us a message and we'll quote you a nice price.

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Flyboys "Crayon World" 7"!

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THE FLYBOYS were formed in 1977 by John Curry (Jon Boy) guitar/vocals, David Wilson (David Way) bass/vocals and Dennis Walsh (Denny Drummond) on drums in Arcadia, California. Scott Lasken (Scott Towels) joined on bass soon thereafter and Dennis Walsh left to join The Crowd. THE FLYBOYS were one of the first day-glo pop-punk bands from Los Angeles, often called the male Go-Go's (though it was more like the other way around). The Jon Boy/Scott Towels line-up started to play Hollywood clubs in 1977 and was devastated by Wilson’s death in an auto accident in 1978 shortly after a show sponsored by Brendan Mullen of The Masque at Baces Hall supporting the Go-Go's and the Avengers. Their ridiculously rare 1979 debut single "Crayon World"/"Square City" regularly fetches $100 on eBay and at long last we've reissued it. The fold-up picture sleeve is the same (minus Fly Guy's catalogue number) but this time the songs really rock as both tracks were digitally remastered by the one and only Paul du Gré. Super limited edition 7" on hot pink vinyl, pressed one time only. When they're gone, they're gone!

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The Middle Class!

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We've been torturing you for years with the promise of a Middle Class compilation, but the long wait is finally over with the release of Out of Vogue - The Early Material. The 15-song collection includes all of The Middle Class's early studio recordings, along with a never-before-released four-song 1977 studio demo. This pioneering Orange County band’s original sides have been notoriously hard to find, landing in the collections of only those willing to pay dearly for them.

And we're not stopping there! Coinciding with the release of the compilation, we're also going to spoil you with the re-release of what many have called the "first hard-core record," 1978's Out of Vogue 7-inch EP. Last time we looked, originals were being hawked on various sites for $200 and up. Ours is priced about $195 less than that, not to mention that it'll be pressed on colored wax.

And for you serious Middle Class fans, we've just made available the last remaining copies of their ultra-rare 1982 full-length LP, Homeland. These are the Pulse Records originals, not re-issues, and when they're gone, they're gone. Get yours now!

Suicidal Tendencies 25th Anniversary Edition!

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Hard to believe that a quarter of a century has passed since the release of this all-time punk classic. To celebrate, it's been completely remastered. The CD comes with an expanded limited edition booklet containing rare photos and flyers. The limited edition LP has been pressed on 140 gram vinyl by the masters over at Pirate's Press. The vinyl is half silver/half red splatter and comes in a picture inner sleeve (also with rare photos/flyers). And the band logo on the LP cover has been spot varnished. It's all about the details!

These will only be available for a limited time, so get yours while they last!

Eddie and the Subtitles - Fuck You Eddie!

Available January 2008

The title comes from a 1980 concert: the infamous Eddie of Eddie and the Subtitles asked, "Anyone want to hear 'Louie Louie'?" and the singular response came back loud and clear: "FUCK YOU EDDIE!" And so, 28 years later that witty comeback graduated from the title of Edie and the Subtitles’ debut 45 to the new Frontier Records compilation album featuring both sides of the aforementioned 45, the crème of their LPs Skeletons in the Closet and Dead Drunks Don’t Dance as well as several unreleased demos. Eddie and the Subtitles had a critical role in creating the Orange County punk scene. At their heyday all the lands south of Los Angeles were even known as “The Eddie Empire.” The tracks on Fuck You Eddie! are at once sloppy, fast, fun and profound in their own way. No punk rock collection is worth a damn without it!

As an extra special “drive the record collectors crazy” companion to the reissue of the Eddie and the Subtitles compilation LP, we've released a limited edition (1,000) colored vinyl 7" of their debut 45 from 1980. The A-side is the ridiculously rare punk anthem “American Society” - covered by L7 on their 1991 Smell The Magic LP - backed with a sludgy O.C. reinterpretation of that Kingsmen’s chestnut “Louie Louie." Get this 45 from us or pay over $300 on eBay for an original... take your pick!

Flying Color!

Over the years we've received so many emails inquiring about FLYING COLOR that we decided to ask our good friends at Munster in Spain if they had any copies of CDs left. Frontier released their debut album in 1987 side by side with AMC's "Engine" as a result of a P&D with Grifter Records in San Francisco. Though we always thought the record was a classic, the license deal ended and we haven't had any stock since approximately 1991. Meanwhile word kept spreading via the web that Flying Color's debut and only LP is nothing short of a pop classic, growing ever more hallowed due to its unavailability. Turns out Munster had a couple boxes of the CDs left (their version has been out of print for years as well) so we snapped up their deadstock and are offering them at the completely insane price of $10, and yes, that includes postage to your house, even if you live in Iceland.

If you're in love with the timeless, melancholy pop of the Left Banke, the Merry-Go-Round, Buffalo Springfield, Beachwood Sparks, the Lilys (you better!) or the Shins, you will forever thank us for giving you one last chance to pick up this classic record for a civil price.

Click here for more info on Dale Duncan's Map of Wyoming.

Click here to stream Hector Penalosa's latest combo, the Baja Bugs.

Hey! You probably already know that we've been pressing our most popular punk LPs on color vinyl, but did you know that now you can choose which color you want and we won't yell at you? It's true! Available colors for each LP are listed for you to pick before you buy.

Recent editions include Rikk Agnew on opaque blue vinyl (first time Rikk's been pressed on color!), Eddie and the Subtitles on transparent orange, Christian Death on opaque red (also the first time we've gone back to the original black and gold LP jacket!), Heatmiser Yellow No 5 on clear, Weirdos Weird World Volume 2 on clear, Circle Jerks on transparent blue and opaque yellow, Dangerhouse Volume 2 on transparent green, Redd Kross on opaque blue and Suicidal Tendencies on transparent orange, opaque red and opaque yellow.

Each color run is strictly limited, so don't wait!

And for you hard-core collectors, check out MXV's excellent Punk Vault for a history of our color vinyl runs. Just type "frontier" into the search box and you'll find a wealth of info!

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