Q: Do you accept demos?

A: Sorry, we are not accepting demos from new artists at this time. However, we are very interested in previously issued punk and/or alternative rock titles. If you represent a band or label that would fit in with our classic Frontier roster, please send details to info at
Q: Is shipping really free?

A: Alas, not anymore. After five years of 100% free shipping, serious postage rate hikes have forced us, as of 2008, to start charging for airmail to international addresses. We're sorry! But media mail to US addresses will remain FREE!
Q: I can't find what I'm looking for on your web site. Does that mean that it's unavailable?

A: Not necessarily. We have lots of Frontier titles not listed on the site, so please drop us a line at info at and we'll be able to tell you if we have that Dharma Bums (or Pontiac Brothers, or Naked Prey, or Flop, etc) record you're looking for.
Q: Do you accept snail mail orders?

A: Sure. Send your order to Frontier Records. Money orders will get you the quickest service; personal checks wait ten days to clear. International customers: we accept international money orders IN US DOLLARS ONLY (or well-concealed cash if you're feeling lucky, but we aren't responsible if it's stolen)!

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